Property Maintenance

Transparent and hassle-free maintenance for your investment property. You're kept informed and in control every step of the way.
Every maintenance request is reviewed by our team
When your tenant submits a request, it is reviewed by our team first. If the task is invalid or incomplete, we send it back to the tenant for clarification.
All the information you need to make a fast decision
We require that tenants submit photos, videos and a clear description. We use this info to provide clear details of the problem type and where it is.
Be confident you are paying the best price
Our carefully curated trade partnerships means we can secure ultra competitive rates for repairs, so you can feel confident you are paying the right price.
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Transparent maintenance process for you to see

This is why property owners across Melbourne trust us to get the job done.
We're quick to respond
Of requests are processed by us in 12h


We’re quick to get moving
Of approved requests are assigned to tradies in 24h


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Never pay overpriced maintenance

We're constantly gathering and updating cost estimates for new and existing types of jobs all the time to our knowledge base, so you can feel confdent that you're not paying too much for your repairs and maintenance jobs.

Moye FAQ

Common questions other owners ask about our property maintenance
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