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Proactive property management in Melbourne for 1.1% fee

A proactive, personalised and transparent approach on property management that keeps you informed and up to date.

An ethical, loyal and exceptional practice.

Serviced by real people with real care, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Regular inspections
Detailed and regular inspections on your property with photos, checklists & more.
Team of experts
With combined experience of over 65 years, our team of specialists always have your back.
Quality maintenance
Transparent and hassle-free maintenance for your investment property.
Best tenants
Minimise your property's vacancy with our dedicated leasing team and exclusive insights.
1.1% Management Fee
For Prime members, this radically transparent fee will never charge. That's it!
Owner Portal
Everything to do with your property is organised in one place for you to access anytime of the day.

Radically transparent

We believe our customers have the right to know everything, from how we manage their property to how we operate, even how much their services cost to provide.
*Annual management fees calculated are based on property with $600 weekly rent. Client must subscribe to Moye Prime.
~$119.50 per annum
~$108.40 per annum
~$50.00 per annum
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~$7.95 per annum
~$17.00 per annum
~$34.85 per annum
How much will I save?
No need to fill any information, takes ~10 seconds to find out.

Remarkable services

We take pride in the full-service property management we provide. You’ll never need another property management agency.

hrs response time to all enquires

yrs combined exps in real estate and vcat

days on average to complete a lease

days on average to complete a sale

Customer Story

Excellent service, best rate in the market!

The services Moye offers are one of the most comprehensive in the market, from leasing to sales are all done in-house consistently providing process transparency and stress-free services.

Switch to Moye and get back to living.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch to reduce your management fee expenses to 1.1%.
Did you know? You can switch agents mid-tenancy. We will even handle the 'awkward breakup' and solve any outstanding issue for you.