The top 5 reasons to change your property manager

By Moye PM Team
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July 08, 2021
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The top 5 reasons to change your property manager

Moye is all about combining technology and Australia’s best property management agents to provide better service to our owners. Since we began this organisation, we’ve discovered that many owners (about 70% by our estimations) are dissatisfied with their present property management but are unsure of a better answer, thus they’ve been dissatisfied for several years. Does this sound familiar? So, our staff has compiled a list of the top 5 reasons you should consider switching property managers right away. If you can relate to any of them, we should talk (and at the bottom of this piece, we’re giving a free conversation with one of our agents).

1. You are overpaying.

If you’re like most Australian property owners, you pay a property management between 6% and 10% of your rental revenue, or more than $100 per month. Isn’t that a lot? That is correct, and that statistic is the primary reason you should change property managers. If you have a high-priced rental property, 10% equates to throwing away an entire month’s rental income per year. That is simply too much money in our opinion. You should be aware that better solution, such as Moye, no longer employ this predatory charging strategy and instead charge a fairer price to all clients. Our members pay a flat 1% (plus GST) fee at Moye, regardless of how much rent they charge. Isn’t that nice? Please continue reading.

2. They don’t kow how to use technology

You use cloud services and app in your everyday life; why shouldn’t your property manager? It turns out that there are many aspects of property management that may be optimised using technology. There’s a lot of paperwork, phone calls, and red tape involved in your investment property, and dealing with typical property managers can be a real pain. We make maintenance a breeze, as well as quick and easy money collection online. Let technology be your friend if your property management is constantly giving you headaches. At Moye, we offer an owner cloud and a tenant app that leverage cutting-edge technologies.

3. Communication breakdown

Technology isn’t the only factor that matters. If your phone calls or emails are not promptly replied, or if you hear through a third party that your apartment is being listed for a sublet, it’s time to find a new property management.

You are the owner, and you should be treated accordingly. Communication is essential for a successful owner/manager relationship, which is why Moye prioritises it with 24/7 access via your own bespoke communication channel, whether it’s the Owner’s Portal, Wechat, Online Chat, or traditional phone calls. You can reach us at any time of day or night. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

Tenants are trying to reach you

You engaged a property manager to handle your property because you don’t have (or want) the time. That is the essence of their employment. If tenants contact you, this is a significant red signal that your property manager isn’t doing his or her job properly. If you’re reading this and often deal with tenants, put down your phone or laptop and contact us right away.

Too many high-priced repair expenses

Maintenance and repairs are unavoidable in any home. That’s understood, but as the owner of an investment property, your goal is to make a profit, therefore an oversupply of bills, especially from the same provider, should be avoided. Could this be a sign that your property manager is being paid by a service provider? We believe so! Make sure to seek full evidence for all repair costs, and if you truly believe there is a problem, it is time to transfer. It couldn’t be simpler to switch to Moye. We will take care of the rest when you sign our agreement. We tell your renter, the former property management, and any other parties who may be affected. We’ll also collaborate with your former agent to ensure a smooth transition of your file and the handover of the keys.

If your previous agency agreement stipulates a notice period, we will fulfil that obligation on your behalf. This is usually only for 30 days. When the notice period expires, we begin managing your property.

We don’t charge you anything until we start managing your property.

So there you have it. Did you answer yes to any of the questions above? If that’s the case, we should talk. Our friendly agents will be happy to show you how much time and money you can save by transferring your property manager to Moye (generally, we can save property owners over $1500 per year).

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Moye PM Team

Moye PM Team

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1. You are overpaying.
2. They don't kow how to use technology
3. Communication breakdown
Tenants are trying to reach you
Too many high-priced repair expenses

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